PHOTOS: NEW Seasonal Thanksgiving Crêpe Is The Best Yet at Central Park Crêpes in Universal Studios Florida

Central Park Crêpes provides the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving holiday with their new seasonal offering. Since many families and gatherings have downsized due to the ongoing pandemic, it’s wonderful that Universal Studios Florida brings the Thanksgiving meal to you. We reviewed every savory and sweet crêpe on the menu at this location when it opened in August. As the holiday season kicks in, we’re even more excited to try their new Seasonal Thanksgiving Crêpe.


First, we noticed that the menu changed, since the Chicken & Goat Cheese Crêpe disappeared.


We ordered the Seasonal Thanksgiving Crêpe, and the crew immediately when to work. They applied the gravy and added turkey, stuffing, cranberries, and cornbread crumbles on top.


Our mouths watered at the thought of enjoying this mini Thanksgiving meal.


Look at that beautiful crêpe! The warm, golden color enticed us with a promise of deliciousness.


Inside, you can plainly see the cranberries and cornbread crumbs on top.


Either way you look at it, it appears delicious.


As we bit into the crêpe, we could tell it was cooked to perfection with a soft, yet chewy, texture.


We noticed the perfect amount of gravy that kept everything moist without making it soggy. The gravy tasted amazing, and it tied the entire “meal” together wonderfully.


The fluffy stuffing was just the right texture, and plentiful amounts of cranberries popped with sweet flavor.


We ranked the Seasonal Thanksgiving Crêpe as the most delicious one on the menu. Everything about this blend of Thanksgiving flavors tasted perfect, which is why nothing remained when we finished. This hearty Thanksgiving meal nestled in between layers of decadent crepe definitely will put you in the holiday spirit!

You can find the Seasonal Thanksgiving Crêpe at Central Park Crêpes just outside of the Hollywood section of Universal Studios Florida. It sells for $9.99, but if you want to enjoy this taste of the holidays, you’ll need to hurry up. It’ll only be available for a short time.

What do you think about the Seasonal Thanksgiving Crêpe? Will you try one the next time you’re at Universal Studios Florida? Comment below.

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