REVIEW: Guava Pastelito is a Sweet New Addition to Natural Selections in Jurassic Park at Universal’s Islands of Adventure

We have some exciting news to report from Jurassic Park at Universal’s Islands of Adventure, and it doesn’t involve any flying raptors. Natural Selections, a themed snack stand located near the exit of Jurassic Park River Adventure and the construction walls for the up-and-coming “Velocicoaster”, has added a brand new Guava Pastelito to their menu and we just had to try it. We’ve reviewed the rest of the delicious menu, so we had to stop and sample this new snack.


This perfect little puff pastry is filled with a sweet guava and cheese filling and then topped off by a generous layer of powdered sugar.


Honestly, with the Florida heat and humidity, we were truly amazed by the freshness.


Let’s just take a moment to appreciate this golden, slightly glazed puff pastry. It’s beautiful.


It was a bit of a powdered sugar mess to pull apart, so make sure you grab extra napkins. The shell was very fresh, but more like a croissant rather than the crispy, flaky pastry we expected. It was delicious, though, and there was plenty of sweet, guava filling inside. It might not be the most traditional Guava Pastelito around, but it’s incredible. The soft pastry, powdered sugar topping, and fruit filling all make for a sweet snack to grab while visiting Islands of Adventure.


This Guava Pastelito is available from Natural Selections for $6.69. It’s nice to see some unique new snack offerings around the park, and this one is worth the trip to Jurassic Park. Will you be trying this sweet treat on your next visit to Universal’s Islands of Adventure?

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