PHOTOS, VIDEO: Jurassic Park Bypass Bridge Opens to Guests, Offering Rare Up-Close Views of “Velocicoaster” Track at Universal’s Islands of Adventure

It’s a special day at Universal’s Islands of Adventure as the bridge that connects The Lost Continent and the Jurassic Park areas has reopened. This bypass bridge is typically used when the park is running at a high capacity, much like today. With access to the bridge, we’re being treated to some brand new views of the upcoming Jurassic Park “Velocicoaster” construction, which just finished having its track installation completed earlier in the week. So, let’s head up the bridge and check out the new views!


Jurassic Park-branded construction walls line the bridge for now.


Multiple sections of the track go right over the bridge at varying angles.


You can easily see from below how the coaster will twist riders around in what should be an exciting ride.


It’s probably going to be loud on this bridge once the coaster opens. Right now, there’s no official opening timeframe for the coaster because Universal hasn’t even technically announced its existence.


You can see dirt behind the construction walls and the crane looming over the Jurassic Park Discovery Center.


Universal Orlando Florida has been busy this Labor Day weekend, with all three parks reaching capacity, which could explain why the bridge is currently open.

For a full walkthrough of the track from the bridge, you can check out our YouTube video below!

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