PHOTOS, REVIEW: NEW “Revenge of the Tooth Fairy” Haunted House Opens for Halloween at Universal Studios Florida

What happens when a child says no to the Tooth Fairy?”

Today marks the opening of Universal Orlando’s two haunted houses for a Premier Passholder preview. We secured our reservation and got to visit the houses just after they opened.


Given that these houses are available with regular daytime admission for the first time, additional parental advisory signs have been placed near the entrances.


The sign for Revenge of the Tooth Fairy warns guests of strobe effects, fog effects, and enclosed spaces. Guests must not touch live performers and cannot be carrying children.


The queue for the house has social distancing markers. There are also safety measures in place to maintain social distancing inside the house. Team Members inside make sure there is space between each party. There is also Plexiglass in front of scare actors as a barrier of protection between them and the guests.

The story of the house is that a little boy doesn’t want to give up his tooth. His mom tells him somebody will take him away and turn him into a monster. We enjoyed how the story was told throughout the house and it was a cool visual experience, with Edwardian storybook accents throughout for a spooky, yet steampunk vibe.

Team Members directing guests inside had red flashing wand lights. They would hold them up horizontally to signal guests to stop or wave guests on to the next room. We never really saw or heard any guests in front of us. It flowed well, we only had to stop once or twice.

There weren’t very many scare actors and overall the house didn’t feel as loud as these typically are. Because of the Plexiglass, you could sometimes tell where a scare actor was going to pop up. It was a little disappointing, but they did get in a few good scares, still.

Will you be visiting Universal Studios Florida this weekend and entering the Revenge of the Tooth Fairy haunted house? Let us know in the comments.

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