REVIEW: Lemon Mummy Face Tart is To Die For from the Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store at Universal Studios Florida

Not everything you find within the Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store is meant to scare you. While you may find some tricks, like beating heart sour gummies, you will also find some sweet treats like this Mummy Face Tart.

Buttercream and white chocolate icing decorate the top of this lemon tart.

The vanilla shell outside was fresh, golden, and just firm enough to contain the bright yellow lemon curd inside.

Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of lemon desserts, so this was one of the last treats I tried, and the Florida sun had taken its toll. The inside oozed out when I cut into it, and as unappealing as it looked, the taste was actually delightful. It was tart, and slightly sweet, which balanced well with the icing and vanilla shell.

This lemon filled tart was one of the best desserts we tried from the Tribute Store. If you’re a fan of lemon desserts, we also highly suggest the Lemon Blueberry Crepe from Central Park Crepes. The Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store is now fully open at Universal Studios Florida, so be sure to stop by and try one of these new Lemon Mummy Face Tarts.

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