PHOTOS, VIDEO: “The Magic is in the Hole” with this Voodoo Doughnut Merchandise Available from Universal Orlando CityWalk

No trip to Universal Orlando is complete without stopping into the Voodoo Doughnut location at CityWalk. We strongly suggest you try a few of their amazing doughnuts, but if you’re looking for a souvenir that will last a little longer, Voodoo Doughnut also has a great collection of merchandise.

Doughnut Hole Mug – $19.00

This light pink donut hole mug is perfect for your morning coffee. The Voodoo Doughnut logo is on the front and back of the mug with a crossbones print in the background. The color even matches the iconic pink boxes Voodoo Doughnut is known for.

The side says “The Magic is in the Hole” and “Universal Orlando”.

You might not get very much coffee in this mug, though.

Travel Mug – $17.00

Take your favorite beverage to go with this travel mug, featuring the logo and the Voodoo Dozen.

Tumbler Cup – $17.00

This plastic tumbler has the logo and “Universal Studios” on one side and “The Magic is in the Hole” on the other.

Voodoo Dozen T-Shirt – $30.00

This black T-shirt features the logo surrounded by the voodoo dozen.

Voodoo Dozen Fitted Shirt – $30.00

Similar to the last shirt, this is a more fitted style top with the voodoo dozen.

Pink Glitter T-Shirt – $30.00

This hot pink shirt features a glittery “Voodoo Doughnut The Magic is in the Hole” across the front.

“Eat Me” Shirt – $30.00

This black shirt features the voodoo doll donut on the front with an “eat me” speech bubble.

The back of the shirt has the wooden doughnut coffin with the Voodoo Doughnut logo and Universal Orlando.

Coffin Shirt – $30.00

This black and white shirt has the coffin on the front that reads “The Magic is in the Hole” above the logo. “Universal Orlando” is written along the bottom.

Hoodie – $40.00

This hoodie is very nice and reasonably priced. This black pullover sweatshirt has the logo on the front in white.

Ringer Tee – $30.00

This white tee features black rings around the sleeves and collar and a red and black Voodoo Doughnut logo. “Universal Studios Orlando” is written across the bottom.

Red Logo Shirt – $30.00

This bright red shirt has the logo in black across the front and reads “Universal Orlando” across the bottom.

Logo Magnet – $10.00

Decorate your fridge or locker with a fun logo magnet in yellow and white.

Coffin Magnet – $11.00

Even if you didn’t order a giant wooden coffin of donuts, you can still take home a tiny coffin magnet featuring the Voodoo Doughnut logo and “Universal Orlando” across the front in bones.

Donut Magnet -$13.00

Good things come in pink boxes, and you can take home a pink box magnet, complete with voodoo doll doughnut.

Logo Keychain – $10.00

Take a little bit of Voodoo Doughnut with you with this logo keychain.

There’s even a smaller version of The Loop doughnut.

Coffin Keychain – $15.00

This might be the best keychain of them all! This coffin resembles the wooden doughnut coffin you can order.

Inside, you’ll find two tiny, dangling doughnuts. The voodoo doll and a sparkly pink and purple doughnut hang inside the coffin.

The glittery doughnut says “Universal Orlando”.

Donut Keychain – $10.00

This little voodoo doll doughnut is ready to ride along with you wherever you go.

There’s even a little sprinkled doughnut with “Universal Studios” written on it.

Yellow and White Logo Hat – $27.00

This hat features a yellow and white logo patch on the front.

Universal Orlando is written on the side.

On the back, you’ll find “The Magic is in the Hole”.

Blue and White Logo Hat – $27.00

This hat has a bright blue and white logo on the front.

“Universal Orlando” is written on the side with some other stitching and detailing.

On the back, you’ll find “The Magic is in the Hole”.

Will you be picking up any of these items on your next visit to Voodoo Doughnut? For a better look at all the merchandise here at Voodoo Doughnut in CityWalk, check out our video below.