PHOTOS: Metal Framework Structure Continues to Grow, New Exterior Paint Color, Metal Siding and More “Velocicoaster” Construction Updates from Universal’s Islands of Adventure

Universal’s Islands of Adventure is an exciting park, and things are going to get a lot more intense with the addition of the new coaster in Jurassic Park. The “Velocicoaster” is making steady progress and the new metal framework has started to take over the pathway through Jurassic Park.

The frames are lining the pathway towards the entrance to Jurassic Park River Adventure and it looks like they will all be connected to each other.

They’re really outdoing themselves on this one. From the raptor cages and dinosaur enclosures to the detailed rock work and watch tower, this themed coaster is looking more impressive each day.

This structure now forms a corner right across from the entrance to Raptor Encounter.

Near The Burger Digs, we can see new walls going up around the frames. These metal pieces look like they have ventilation to allow air flow, which would make sense if a dinosaur was to be transported through this area.

The opposite side of the show building is now a slightly darker shade of gray. These colors give off strong Jurassic World vibes.

Inside the building, we can spot more equipment and a staircase with temporary wooden railings. Now that most of the building is enclosed, we only take a peek through the opening on the side and do our best to figure out what’s happening.

That’s all for this visit to Jurassic Park at Universal’s Islands of Adventure. We’ll be watching this coaster as it grows, so stay tuned to Universal Parks News Today for all the latest updates!