PHOTOS: Islands of Adventure Jurassic World Merchandise from Universal Orlando Resort

With so many exciting changes coming to Jurassic Park at Islands of Adventure here at Universal Orlando, we decided to do a little shopping for some Jurassic World gear. Take a look at the different collections of Jurassic World merchandise available here at Jurassic Outfitters.

Jurassic World “Spirit Jersey” Style Long Sleeve Top – $55

This long sleeve top features the Jurassic World logo on the front and a camo style print of different shades of blue.

The back of the top says “Jurassic World” across the back.

If you look closely at the print, you’ll even see some dinosaur skeletons hidden in the design.

Jurassic World Long Sleeve Youth Top – $40

The long sleeve “Spirit Jersey” style top also comes in youth sizes.

Jurassic World Camo Leggings – $35

Pair your new Jurassic World tops with these matching blue camo print leggings. There’s even a Jurassic World logo on the leg.

Jurassic World Youth Leggings – $30

The leggings also come in youth sizes, to match the long sleeve top.

Jurassic World Destination Isla Nublar T-Shirt – $27

This shirt has a more subtle design for fans of Isla Nublar and Jurassic World.

Isla Nublar Tank Top – $33

This bright blue top features a peaceful, serene image of Isla Nublar.

The racer back style tank also says “Jurassic World” on the back.

Jurassic World Isla Nublar Lagoon Zip Up Hoodie -$50

If you’re looking to warm up, this gray zip-up hoodie is perfect. “Jurassic World Isla Nublar Lagoon Home of the Mosasaurus” is featured on the front.

The back features a silhouette of the Mosasaurus getting ready to feast upon a couple of sharks. The arm also says “Jurassic World” in blue and silver.

Jurassic World Isla Nublar Youth Hoodie – $37

This dark blue pullover hoodie reads “Jurassic World” on the front and has a large, single pocket.

The back of the sweatshirt has a variety of dinosaurs making up the outline of the island.

Jurassic World Isla Nublar Lagoon Mug – $13

Grab a souvenir to commemorate your visit to the Isla Nublar Lagoon! This Mosasaurus artwork looks great against this black coffee mug.

Jurassic World Blue and Silver Isla Nublar Travel Mug – $27

This blue and silver travel mug will keep your hot beverages hot and your cold beverages cold.

Jurassic World Logo Travel Mug – $16.95

There’s also a black Jurassic Park travel mug.

Jurassic World Single Strap Shoulder Bag – $40

This light blue and gray single strap bag is perfect for carrying your essentials.

Jurassic World Isla Nublar Hat – $26

This gray and blue Jurassic World cap has “Isla Nublar” written on the bill and “Universal Studios” on the back.

Jurassic World Hat – $30

Protect yourself from the sun and rain with this brimmed Jurassic World hat.

Jurassic World Camo Hat – $26.95

Hide from the dinosaurs in fashion with this blue camouflaged Jurassic World logo cap.

Isla Nublar Pin – $7

This Jurassic World Isla Nublar pin is the perfect accessory to add to your backpack, lanyard, and more.

Keychain – $11

Keep track of dinosaurs and your keys with this blue and teal keychain.

Silver Keychain – $11

This keychain has the perfect silhouette of a T-Rex cut into it and a small “Jurassic World Universal Studios” tag towards the top.

Isla Nublar Print – $15

You can take home a print from your visit to Isla Nublar.

“Due To Technical Difficulties” Sign – $17

This metal sign reads “Due to Technical Difficulties Jurassic World is Now Closed” and would be a fun way to decorate.

Jurassic World Gates Print – $15

There’s also a print of the Jurassic World gates.

Raptor Ranger Cap – $26.95

Be a part of the Jurassic World Raptor Rangers with this tan and red cap.

Raptor Trainer Youth Shirt – $25

Little raptor trainers will enjoy this youth shirt with Blue on the front.

Blue T-Shirt – $35

“Hey Blue, You Miss Me?” is written across this blue shirt with an image of Owen and Blue.

“I’ve Got My Eye On You” T-Shirt – $35

This raptor t-shirt features a vicious-looking raptor eye peering out of the bushes. “I’ve Got My Eye On You” is written across the top.

Clever Girl Raptor Tank – $35

This distressed looking tank top reads “Clever Girl” in shiny blue print.

Clever Girl Mug – $13

There’s even a “Clever Girl” mug.

Blue Tank – $28

This bright blue tank top features Blue.

Gray T-Rex Jurassic World T-Shirt – $25

There’s another collection of Jurassic World merchandise, including this Jurassic World gray T-Rex shirt.

Jurassic World Logo T-Shirt – $28

This dark gray shirt features black sleeves and the Jurassic World gray stone logo.

Jurassic World Ringer Tee – $25

There’s a light gray ringer t-shirt with the Jurassic World logo.

Jurassic World Logo Travel Mug – $29

This vacuum insulated Jurassic World travel mug is great for someone on-the-go.

Jurassic World Logo Hooded Sweatshirt – $55

This gray pull over hoodie has black sleeves and the Jurassic World logo in the center.

Jurassic World Silver Logo Pin – $10

This silver pin is simple but perfect for accessorizing your Jurassic World merchandise.

Jurassic World Silver Logo Keychain – $9

Similar to the pin, this silver Jurassic World keychain is a great souvenir.

Jurassic World Universal Studios T-Shirt – $25

All your favorite dinosaurs make an appearance on this black Universal Studios Jurassic World t-shirt.

Jurassic World Universal Studios Hoodie – $48

In case you’re looking for warmer apparel with the same Jurassic World artwork, there’s also a hooded sweatshirt.

Jurassic World Universal Studios Youth Hoodie – $40

There’s also a youth hoodie with the colorful Jurassic World artwork, too.

Jurassic World Socks – $17

Jurassic World socks are the perfect souvenir or just a way to get a dry pair of socks after riding Jurassic Park River Adventure.

Jurassic World License Plate – $16

Add a Universal Studios Jurassic World license plate to your vehicle.

Playing Cards – $15

These Jurassic Park playing cards feature different dinosaurs.

Multi-Use Decal – $8

This multi-use Jurassic World decal can add style to some of your favorite accessories.

Jurassic World Phone Cases – $35

There are a few different sizes of phone cases available.

Jurassic World Keychain – $8

This shiny keychain is a great souvenir.

Jurassic World Pin – $8

Start a Jurassic World pin collection with this popular design.

Cooling Towel – $20

Chill out with a Jurassic World cooling towel.

T-Rex Shredded Jurassic World Bag – $50

This bag is built tough, as you can see from the claw marks on the front.

Multi-Pocket Isla Nublar Jurassic World Bag – $50

This bag has so many pockets and zippers, it would be great for a day exploring the parks.

Drawstring Backpack – $22

This lightweight drawstring bag can carry everything you need, from ponchos to snacks for the dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Mug – $17

This artwork style looks great on this coffee mug.

Inside the mug, you’ll even find the Mosasaurus.

Universal Studios Shot Glass – $9

Jurassic World looks pretty wild on this shot glass.

Universal Studios Beach Towel – $25

You will get wet on Jurassic Park River Adventure, so you really don’t have an excuse not to grab one of these beach towels.

Heat-Sensitive Universal Studios Mug – $19

This heat sensitive mug will reveal the Jurassic World logo when hot liquid is poured inside.

Travel Mug – $24.95

Take your drinks with you with this Universal Studios travel mug.

Jurassic World Canteen – $19.95

For those who prefer the hands-free approach, this canteen has a belt loop strap on the back.

Long Sleeve Jurassic World Top – $40

This red, orange and yellow fire artwork is very eye-catching against the black. The sleeve even says “Jurassic World”.

Logo T-Shirt – $27

This black t-shirt is simple and features the bright logo.

Logo Tank Top – $35

There’s also a tank top with the same artwork.

Back Pack – $32

There’s a gray backpack for transporting your supplies, just please don’t attempt to take any dinosaur eggs with you.

Jurassic World Hat – $31

Whether it’s sun or rain, this hat will protect you from the elements.

Patch Logo Ball Cap – $26

There’s a stylish black ball cap with the burning Jurassic World logo on the front.

Beach Towel – $25

Another towel option for after a ride on River Adventure.

Pin – $11

There’s also a matching shiny red and black logo pin.

Pin – $14

Owen Grady blends right in with the dinosaurs on this red and black pin.

Phone Cases – $30

More phone cases for the Jurassic World fan.

Notebook and Pen – $8

Keep track of your journey with this pen and notebook set.

Blue Notebook – $8

Make sure you keep track of the dinosaur feeding schedules! This is the perfect notebook and pen set to jot down all your thoughts.

Notebook – $15

For those that like to keep detailed records, this Jurassic World notebook is essential.

That was a wild merchandise adventure. There’s a T-Rexcellent selection of merch here at Islands of Adventure and we can only imagine there will be even more with the addition of the new coaster. Be sure to keep following Universal Parks News Today for all the latest updates!