PHOTOS: Additional Track Installed, Raptor Transport Cage Details, and More from “Velocicoaster” at Universal’s Islands of Adventure

Spared no expense. Jurassic Park at Islands of Adventure is getting a major upgrade with the addition of a new coaster that is quickly taking over. On our last visit, we watched workers assembling the start of what we think will be a “transfer gate” of some sorts. The structure has grown quickly and is now making its way down towards the entrance to Jurassic Park River Adventure.

This towering framework looks like it could contain a dinosaur.

This structure is developing quickly and giving this coaster a lot of new themed elements to admire.

The raptor transport cage has some additional detailing now. There’s a roof of perforated metal along the top of the cage, and some new panels on the sides. Brackets have also been added on the new panels.

Those support beams that were recently added are being put to use now. Two small sections of track have been installed and we’re sure it won’t be long before it connects to the rest of the track to the left of the building.

That’s all for this update from the “Velocicoaster” construction at Universal’s Islands of Adventure. Will you be braving this new coaster in Jurassic Park when it opens? Let us know in the comments!