Universal Orlando Resort Issues Face Mask Policy Updates; Masks Must Be Worn at All Times Unless Distanced for Eating and Drinking

Following up with some industry-wide face mask policy updates already seen implemented across Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando Resort has updated their face mask policy to modify the “loophole” by which guests were allowed to remove their masks for eating and drinking, which many guests abused in order to keep their face masks off for the majority of the day. Per policy update, guests must now socially distance before removing their mask to eat or drink (i.e. no walking around maskless while chugging from your Coke Freestyle cup.)

You can review the full policy update below:

An appropriate face covering for a visit to Universal Orlando must fit the following criteria: 

  • Must cover your nose and mouth and be secured under your chin 
  • Must fit snugly against the sides of your face and be secured with ear loops or secured around your head 
  • Must be at least two-ply (consist of at least two layers) 

The following are NOT permitted at Universal Orlando: 

  • Face coverings with exhalation valves 
  • Face coverings that are not secured with ear loops or secured around your head 
  • Face coverings that include mesh material or holes of any kind 
  • Costume masks or veils, per our costume guidelines

Guests must wear face coverings at all times, unless they are actively eating or drinking, and they must also be socially distanced from other travel parties while consuming their food or beverage. Inside restaurants, we have arranged tables and seating so that guests can safely remove their face coverings while enjoying their dining experience.