PHOTOS: Universal Studios Japan Debuts Mask-Free Area

As the notoriously hot and humid Japanese summer approaches, Universal Studios Japan is taking steps to ensure Guests can have a relatively comfortable visit to the park. As part of this, the park has implemented a mask-free zone, similar to the U-Rest area at Universal Studios Orlando.

At the area along the park’s central lagoon, Guests can sit at benches and remove their masks for breathing. Signs on benches encourage Guests to remain distanced when possible, but obviously this isn’t always possible.

The mask-free zone entrance is located in Hollywood, across from Sing On Tour. Guests are asked to sanitize their hands as they enter and exit the mask-free zone.

Thank goodness for this new addition, since Japan’s summers are on the same level as (if not worse than) the world-famous Floridian summers. It’ll certainly be helpful to have an area within the park to relax for a bit with your mask off.

Universal Studios Japan exited its soft open phase today. Already, the park is making changes to adjust to Guest response and improve their infection control rules. We took a dive into their detailed protocols a couple of weeks ago, shortly before the soft reopening.

Photos courtesy of Universal Studios Japan.